STONE HMI display module

  • Various sizes available 3.5'', 4.3'', 5'', 5.6'', 7'', 8'', 10.1'', 12.1'', 15.1''
  • TFT RGB 32KB Resistive-Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Up to 16/32 MB of HMI project storage space
  • Smart and easy to use HMI solution
STWA035WT-01 3.5'' 320x240 1000 cd/m2 70.1*52.6 RS232/RS422/RS485/TTL
STWA043WT-01 4.3'' 480x272 1000 cd/m2 95.0*53.9 RS232/RS422/RS485/TTL
STWA057WT-01 5.7'' 640x480 450 cd/m2 115.1*86.9 RS232/RS422/RS485/TTL
STWA070WT-01 7'' 800x480 400 cd/m2 154.1*85.9 RS232/RS422/RS485/TTL
STWA101WT-01 10.1'' 1024x600 1000 cd/m2 222.7*125.3 RS232/RS422/RS485/TTL
STWA121WT-01 12.1'' 1024x768 450 cd/m2 246*184.5 RS232/RS422/RS485/TTL
STWA151WT-01 15.1'' 1024x768 300 cd/m2 304.1*228.1 RS232/RS422/RS485/TTL

Introduction of STONE's Advanced type LCD modules

STONE advanced type LCD module is a high-quality model consisting of an industrial-grade TFT LCD panel, resistive/capacitive touch screen, CORTEX A8 CPU, LCD driver, and 128M (expandable to 1GB) flash memory. It works reliably and stably under high temperature, humidity, vibration, and other working conditions.

Currently, STONE products are widely used in industrial systems color TFT displays and touch controllers for various electronic devices, including:

•   Medical and cosmetic equipment
•   Energy and power equipment
•   Instruments
•   Public transportation
•   Civilian equipment
•   Industrial equipment
•   Automation systems
•   Control system

As a professional TFT LCD supplier for 14 years, we will also provide you with professional services, including technical support, customized product services, and unlimited warranty:

Customizable services

  • Flash memory from 128MB-1GB
  • Interface type: RS232 / RS485 / TTL / /USB / wifi / Lan


Professional technical support

  • Software Training
  • Troubleshooting
  • Demo Project Creation


After-sales warranty policy

  • 3-year warranty for I series
  • 3-year warranty for A series
  • 1-year warranty for C series


Naming rules: STWA070WT- 01 for example

I A=Advanced type; I=Industrial type; C=Civilian type
70 Screen size 7''
W Wide temperature
T T=with touch; N=without touch; C=capacitive screen
0 0=RS232; 4=RS485; 1=TTL
1 Hardware Code

The main difference between I series, A series and C series

Civil Type 3.5'' 3.5-10.4 3.5-15.1
Resolution 240P-768P 240P-768P 240P-600P
Color 65K(16 bit) 65K(16 bit) 65K(16 bit)
Pixel Pitch 0.1905 mm x 0.0635 mm 0.1905 mm × 0.0635 mm 0.1905 mm × 0.0635 mm
TFT panel A+ grade industrial panels A+ grade industrial panels A+ grade industrial panels
Touch screen Industry Type RTP/CTP/NTP Industry Type RTP/CTP/NTP Civil Type RTP/CTP/NTP
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